Dragons: Rise of Berk 1.2.10 APK

Dragons Rise of Berk

Dragons: Rise of Berk is probably one of the best world builder games. A great game with cool special features and interesting dragons. This game is absolute perfection with 3D animations and audio effects. It runs smoothly and easy to earn the shards to buy the special dragons. Better than dragon city or any other farm like game, this actually has a story line. If you love the dragons and always wanted to be in the movie than get the app and live in the dragon.

The game itself is enjoyable especially when you need to pass the time! The game is kind of similar to dragon vale or dragon city but uses dragons from "How to Train Your Dragon" and features most of the dragons from the movie and show. It's easy to get resources (ruins can still be a little hard) which is nice cause in most other games like this you have to spend money. Hatching baby dragons is only the start of the game, even though they are so adorable. You are able to feed and train your dragons as they grow and expand the village of Berk and customize it how you want it. Feed Toothless and send him and Hiccup to different islands and find new dragon eggs!

In the game you have to discover 12 of your favorite DreamWorks Dragons from the movie, including Toothless, Stormfly,Hookfang and Skullcrusher. You must Collect and grow 18 different Dragon species, like Deadly Nadders, Monstrous Nightmares andTyphoomerangs. Explore 25 unique islands throughout the Viking territory and complete missions with all the characters from DreamWorks Dragons. It's a great game so far and can be a little hard to get new ones, but if it was too easy it wouldn't be any fun.

Requires Android: 4.0+
Download file: 43.6MB (Dragons: Rise of Berk APK)

Dragons: Rise of Berk APK

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