Avast 3.0.7550 APK


Avast for Android update with solving widget crashing problem, now you have not any issues regarding the best anti-theft solution on the market. Avast is easy to use and it's not a big huge resource hog like so many others can be. Keeps your mobile device safe and has lots of configuration choices and options. Get it for your PC too! The new version is great, it's fast and safe and the biggest thing is that it doesn't fail to recognise the mallware. After last update now allows ads and convenient you want payment for blocking, ADBLOCK PLUS everyone its free and bettet!

Avast antivirus mostly important for our mobile and pc. This is security tools like virus scanner, virus removal, cleaner and protect, network meter, app manager, app lock, and even firewall (on rooted phones) give you total control for staying clean. If you have your device rooted, you can use the apps firewall, and block some apps (like Angry Birds) from accessing the internet. Great app that taps into the neurosis of smart phone owners and highly recommended antivirus app.

Avast Mobile Security and Antivirus Features:
- Remote lock and memory wipe features (just two of many in its advanced Anti-Theft component) keep your data safe from theft.
- Protects against general infections and WiFi-based threats to OS and app vulnerabilities.
- Locate lost phones or tablets through our web-based phone locate feature.

What's new in version 3.0.7550:
- Some other minor bug fixes.
- Widget crashing was fixed for certain Sony Ericsson devices.
- New payment methods in some countries.

Requires Android: 2.1+
Download File: 7.2MB (Avast 3.0.7550 APK)

Avast APK

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