100 Balls+ 1.09 APK

100 Balls

100 Balls+ Android game update with new mini games. The update has made it a whole lot better more colour cups and better presentation amazing game. This is the best balls and cups game out there. The mini games are a perfect touch to add to the funtivities of this game. All in this game is great, simple, has a clean feel, and super fun timekiller. It's very strong gameplay so simple but elegent. 

100 Balls is the latest simple yet fun game that you can download for iOS and Android platforms. You will enjoy the challenge of having a circle of cups rotating around and your objective is to drop the ping pong balls inside the cup without losing any of them. You get 100 balls and 8 cups. Drop balls into cups. Colored balls earn more points. Lose cups or lose 100 balls and game over.

Gameplay is simple enough which you can complete with your friends. You will soon find it very challenging once the speed of the game increases and you find yourself missing balls all over the place. Simple concept just drop balls into cups. Easy right, but so hard!  Really addictive for such an easy game, only downloaded it today and you can't put it down.

What's new in version 1.09:
- New Mini Games!

Requires Android: 2.3.3+
Download File: 12MB (100 Balls+ 1.09 APK)

100 Balls APK

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