Reign of Summoners 2014 3.0 APK

Reign of Summoners 2014

Reign of Summoners is one of the newest best card games out there. Almost as same as the original plenty of battles and time consumption, this game is pretty awesome. It's a good time killer, the graphics are alright. Clan wars make the game more enjoyable. The gameplay is outstanding if you have a little time. Join the fight and have fun in clan battles and monsters boss slaing events. Evolve and ehnhance your cards and become strong!

Great game to pass the time and is quickly growing. Join a clan and brace yourself for intense battles that will shower you in fame and glory. Through sweat, blood, and tears prove to yourself, your clan mates, and to the world why you are the Reign of Summoners. Take advantage of Various Events which will truly test a Summoner’s awesome powers. Fun and easy to play can get strong without paying.

Reign of Summoners game features:
- Highly Interactive
- Evolve the cards you command
- Clan Battle awaits you
- Various Events
- Awesome Quests and Rewards
- Easy to learn, a life time to master
- More than 1,000 cards awaiting your beckoning call

Request Android: 4.0+
Download File: 50MB (Reign of Summoners 2014 3.0 APK)

Reign of Summoners apk

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