Magic Mania 1.0 APK

Magic Mania

Magic Mania is addictive match-3 type game with a simple objective, that increases in challenge with the option in choice. This is an awesome game and recommend it to anyone. The game has beautiful scenes and it's lots of fun. You will probably really Like it! Relaxing scenes a real pleasure to play, Magic Mania Game is a nice calm game to unwind before bed.

The gameplay is simple and repetitive even for a casual game, the alternate game modes aren't very different from each other. With various mode that Backplane Mode, Collection Mode and Falling Mode You'll never be bored. Excellent for keeping you occupied and perfect to really challenge you.

Magic Mania Game Features:
- Combination of different advanced elements
- Pretty scene
- Various obstacles which bring you even more fun
- Up to 120 levels

Requires Android: 2.1+
Download File: 11MB (Magic Mania 1.0 APK)

Magic Mania

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