Banana Phobia 1.2.0 APK

Banana Phobia

Banana Phobia is fun and good game to waste your time. If you're looking for arcade on your Android mobile device, here's is one of the best offerings for you. Join intrepid and unlucky Zoologist on a wild jungle safari. The game pits you against a troop of banana-chucking monkeys in a jungle. Take control and knock the monkeys off of boxes to score points, you can only jump to knock monkeys into the river while dodging constant barrages of score-resetting bananas. 

Challenging game, Banana Phobia will keep you entertained for hours. The game is good because playing it makes you feel better. It's not an easy kids game and you would enjoy that you have to use your mind to play it. This is very entertaining and make you smile even if other levels are difficult. Share your high score with friends on Facebook & Twitter and challenge them to score more!

Requires Android:  2.3+
Download File: 29MB (Banana Phobia 1.2.0 APK)

Banana Phobia apk

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