AirDroid 2.0.9 APK


AirDroid is one of the best device manager for Android. The latest AirDroid app update adds notification mirror and send SMS with a file attachment. To update it, you need to temporarily deactivate the device administrator feature. This can be controlled by opening settings in the app drawer and device administrators are controlled under security.

The app is really useful for accessing files on your tablet without any cables. Connecting your phone to your computer through the Internet is undoubtedly a good idea and this app is pretty well done. When not connected, it can be used as a simple stand-alone file explorer, thus eliminating the need for a file browsing app such as File Manager by Rhythm Software. It makes managing everything on your phone so fast and simple and it's a super easy and clean interface.

Great app on both Android and the Chrome browser! Send text messages, locate phone, drag and drop files, and tons of other cool stuff instantly all from your desktop computer. The snapshot of the user is another amazing feature that you haven't seen with any other app. It's a must have.

What's new in version 2.0.9:
1. Send SMS with a file attachment.
2. Notification mirror: receive real-time notifications for all user and system apps. (Opt-in and permissions required.)
3. Drag & Drop files to a folder directly, no need to click the Upload button.

Requires Android: 2.2+
Download File: 10MB (AirDroid 2.0.9 APK)

AirDroid apk

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