Bad Roads 2 1.0 APK

Bad Roads 2

Bad Roads 2 is one of the best sequels of an awesome racing game. Creativity level is extreme and fun is guaranteed. Totally recommended for you! The original Bad Roads is a classic piece of gaming, with its addictive gameplay, minimalistic graphics and catchy music. It has reached cult status with having hit over a million downloads and it’s adored by all those that have played it. And now Laurent Bakowski brings you Bad Roads 2! This game has the little things who makes you totally addicted. It deserves a biggest success than flappy craps!

Test your driving skill and anticipation in this simple, amusing and highly addictive game. One thing you will like is the multiplayer function because now you can play against your friends and family. And for even more funny moments, play with a friend using a two-player split screen. Try it guys yo will love it!

Bad Roads 2 Game Features:
- Five vehicles
- An ‘easy to handle’ game
- A totally innovative two-player split screen mode
- Five different stages with original designs
- Designed for optimal use on all screens, including tablets
- A great and varied soundtrack that perfectly fits every scene 
- Unlimited courses

Requires Android: 2.2+
Download File: 32MB (Bad Roads 2 1.0 APK)

Bad Roads 2 download

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