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Dark Summoner

Dark Summoner is one of the Most Popular Fantasy Adventure Games on smartphone. Bring about an end to the war that's plunged the world into chaos! The great game to waste your time. This new version is so much better then the old. Game is much faster. Make sacrifices to the monsters you've collected to create the strongest team. Raise epic monsters and become the best. Power up your monsters! Let's play and join the globally Acclaimed Dark Fantasy!

- New free events and updates added monthly!
New events and content are added to the game each month.
Dark Summoner is constantly evolving!

- Featuring artwork by many famous Japanese and international artists!
A large number of artists from Japan and other countries have contributed to the game.
Gorgeous illustrations and intense CG movies deepen the game experience.

- More than 1,200 monster types!
Featuring more than 1,200 types of monsters designed by famous artists!
Monsters are frequently added! Get them all to complete your collection!

- Team up with friends to defeat legendary Dark Lord Raid Bosses!
Summon legendary Dark Lords using items gathered from completing missions.
Cooperate with friends to defeat the Dark Lords and their unbelievable power!
Defeated Dark Lords will join your team!

- Form Clans with your friends!
Create and develop Clans with your friends to gain bonuses!
Battle against your Clan mates in future in-game events!
Secure your spot in history alongside your friends!

- Only have a few minutes free? That's OK!
The game is playable even if you only have a few minutes to spare.
Play at your own pace -- on the train to work or school, before bed, whatever fits your lifestyle!

Requires Android: 2.2+
Download File: 24MB (Dark Summoner 1.03.27 APK)

Dark Summoner APK

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