Spartan Wars: Empire of Honor 1.1.2 APK

Spartan Wars: Empire of Honor

Play now games of Spartan Wars: Empire of Honor and then you will notice few days later that you addicted to this game more than anything! The top Epic Mythological Strategy Game! Build a city of epic proportions, train an army of ruthless soldiers, establish your alliance and unite with thousands of players all over the world. Sparta is waiting for a leader like you.

Train an army of loyal Scouts, Swordsmen, Archers,Calvary and more. Construct your own epic city with over 10 unique units, including Barracks, Embassies, and Quarries. Strategically lay waste to your enemies as you vie for land, power and resources on the global map.Lay siege to Troy, scout for information and become the ultimate ruler. Summon hundreds of gods with unique abilities, giving you more power at home and on the battlefield.

Game Features:
- English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Korean and Japanese language worlds
- Forge diplomatic alliances and coordinate attacks with other players
- Compete in weekly events for valuable prizes
- Collect handsome rewards for 200+ quests
- Explore caves or set off on Spartan Conquest to collect epic loot

What's New in version 1.1.2?
- Daily Sign-in Bonus
- Buy One, Get Two Free for Users' First Purchase of Pearls.
- Beginner's Bonus and Level Up Bonus Packages (Available for all players)
- Bulk Purchasing Feature
- Improved Tutorial Guide

Requires Android: 2.2+
Download file: 36MB (Spartan Wars: Empire of Honor v1.1.2 APK)

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