Implosion - Never Lose Hope 1.0.6 APK

The Cytus Developer, Rayark Inc has released Implosion Never Lose Hope for Android and iOS. Implosion is an action game that lets you play as humanity’s last weapon, a guy called Jake in a War-Mech series III battle suit. The game is out now worldwide on the Play Store and App Store, and there’s Implosion APK below for those of you who don’t grab it from the Google Play Store.


Judging from graphics, sounds, voice acting and story telling this definitely is the best game on the mobile device. Implosion is most likely one of the best graphic games on any smartphone today. The game is very high production values and a refreshing change from the thousand fantasy dungeon crawlers out there. It's clean, and no lag or fps drops and the cutscenes were amazing, they took an average "zombie game" and maybe uniqueness out of it.

Everything in this game is next Gen console level that reminds you of a lot of PS3 or 360 games style graphics when the systems first came out. The graphics is nicely polished, there is a good story line, and the best is the gameplay and combos. If you ever played darkness reborn, then you can expect a similar type of game but this one has a better story and the levels and feel of it a little better than darkness reborn. You'll like Implosion.

Here, you can download Implosion 1.0.6 APK of the free version that contains six levels, after which you can buy the full game for $9.99. The short levels are great considering this is a mobile game.

Download APK
Requires Android: 4.0+
File: 19MB (Implosion APK)

Implosion APK

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