Blitz Brigade 1.6.0k APK

The Blitz Brigade Online FPS has a new weapons for its many players to check out, thanks to its just released version 1.6.0k update that also has some under-the-hood performance improvements.

Blitz Brigade

Published by Gameloft, Blitz Brigade is an action packed with full of description and detailed characters. You can choose your own team red or blue team and you can go in power full tanks cars and helicopters. There are over 100 weapons and you can buy golden cars helicopters and tanks and on top of a roof they are powerful guns.

Warning! This game will get you addicted and is loads of fun. If you like FPS or Call of Duty games, Blitz Brigade is for you. People will say this is a knock off of TF2, but this is a great game for mobile devices. It's really fun and it doesn't bug you to spend your diamonds like others. Yes, that are free and is not full of over powered weapons that you have to pay with real money.

Gameloft has provided a quick change log of the Android update:
- Frostwork: Disorient your target with a blast of blinding snowballs.
- Candy Blast: Watch the candy wrappers fly as you unleash a barrage of deadly treats.
- Deep Freeze: For the cold-hearted killer who wants to surprise the enemy with wall-piercing icicles.

So, head over to the Google Play Store right now and get this update. And if you can't get it on the market, you can download Blitz Brigade 1.6.0k APK file at the link below.

What do you think of the new Guns?

Requires Android: 2.3+
Download File: 22.6MB (Blitz Brigade APK)

Blitz Brigade APK

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