Terraria 1.1.5963 APK

505 Games has published an update to its popular Android game Terraria, rolling out the Oktoberfest festival. The new merchant has made some of his famous brew and the clothier is selling traditional festival clothes. The game has really improved since the hard mode update. More mobs and bosses made the game more challenging. You can see that developers for terraria have put a lot if thought and effort into this game, it's better than the previous edition. They worked hard to ensure there are hardly any flaws with the coding for Terraria so all users can play it successfully.


Terraria is an adventure game in which you must help the character move through the different areas overcoming all the challenges and hurdles. Although, it's more about the adventure and exploration than building things. There are many weapons, armour and tons more. The game gives you so much awesome things, you can get a gun and hammer and all the things don't lose there an ability. It is a blast to play and it looks great when you feel bored, you can ever pick it up do a little digging and craft then stop and pick it up later and the do some more.

It recently had an update that made it almost identical to PC and console versions. Kind of like a 2d Minecraft but it's  better with more combat. For those of you familiar with the PC version, this is pretty much the same, except with slightly fewer items and an incredibly helpful auto-aim function for ranged weapons. If you have played Minecraft before multiply, you will like this one and then you will see your love for terraria.

Please note, this is the TRIAL version of Terraria for tablet and phone, if you like the game you can upgrade to Premium version. It offers in-app purchases that you can use to upgrade the game with more level, more evil monster and boss.

Requires Android: 2.3+
Download File: 43MB (Terraria APK)

Terraria APK

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