Farm Heroes Saga 2.14.4 APK

Farm Heroes Saga for Android has just picked up an update. Head to the Google Play Store and you'll find the newest version of Farm Heroes Saga with 20 new levels in the episode Rustic Redwoods, and there’s a new guy in town! The Bull has charged his way into level 706.

Farm Heroes Saga

Developed by King, Farm Heroes Saga is a match-three game that tasks you with collecting the right crops and materials for your farm. This is a very addictive game and lots of fun to play. If you want a game that is frustrating, exciting, and you only put down when you have run out of lives then you need get this. But be warned it is very addictive you have to hand it to King they definitely know how to create games that get you hooked.

The game will challange your brain, play without thinking fun or really think about it for strategic game. Just when you think they can't possibly make a new variation, there it is. It can be frustrating at times but over all its a great game to pick up and play during downtime or in between things.

There are tons of levels, different challenges every time and the best thing you can cross every episode on your own then waiting for others to accept the request. As all games of this kind it starts out slow and you need to get a few matches. Then just as others you start learning that you have to learn the difference types of items you need to clear off the board and you learn different ways of accomplishing each level. Its hard at times but if you keep at it, it all works out.

Grab the updated Farm Heroes Saga from the Google Play Store and let us know what you think of the new level.

Requires Android: 2.3+
Download File: 40MB (Farm Heroes Saga APK)

Farm Heroes Saga APK

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