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Block Story

Block Story android game updates to version 9.0.5 with unlock all inventory rows, the update that just came made it more awesome. Block Story RPG is an awesome Minecraft clone. It's your mission to become stronger and impregnable to survive in a world full of blocks. A game challenge is a goal you need to complete a variety of quests to survive and become the greatest warrior in the realm by conquering ten diverse biomes. The game is so interesting and like Minecraft with adds a level of gameplay that Minecraft doesn't have.

Block Story makes Minecraft PE look as the clone, includes infinite worlds, pets, NPCs, an RPG system that actually rewards you for your time spent mining and fighting, magic, and lots more. The RPG elements make the gameplay interesting. Ton of fun lots to do anything you want! You can farm animals and be a farmer, and you can be a hunter or master build miner anything! This game is unbelievable, and the graphics are very fine. The cool part is that there are actually chairs and tables and candles! It is almost as good as Minecraft!

The game combines popular 3D voxel, sandbox exploration gameplay with exciting and addictive role-playing elements. You have to build strongholds, encounter a wide variety of creatures, battle boss monsters, and mine valuable resources to upgrade weaponry, access better equipment and create artifacts to summon monsters of all sorts - including dragons!

Requires Android: 2.3.3+
Download apk File: 46MB (Block Story APK)

Block Story APK

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