Zombie Diary 2: Evolution 1.0.8 APK

Zombie Diary 2 APK

Mountain Lion updates Zombie Diary 2: Evolution android game with added Brazilian World Cup elements and fixed the bug of buying the trial gun. This game is greater than the first zombie diary. It has better features, and better characters and guns. This game is so fun with a large selection of weapons and a new zombie parts. And also a great game to play when you want to kill the zombies.

Zombie Diary 2 is one of the most addicting third person shooting Zombies game out there. The game will reminds you of Plants Vs. Zombies, but a lot better in the sense of gameplay. This game is for everyone who likes violence and zombies. Easy enough to burn time with this zombie slasher. Shoot, kill, repeat. Comes with various mission types and map changes enough that you won't get bored for very long. In the game, you must pick up your weapons and fight for survival. You’ll earn gold coins and diamonds for killing zombies and surviving missions. You can upgrade your weapons and buy new ones. You can also buy special items, power-ups and mecha devices. You can earn extra gold coins by training your hero. The training function will be available after completing five days of Zombie Diary 2. You’ll receive a bonus based on your remaining health after each mission.

This game just got better, its the best game for any sort of waiting you have to do anywhere. There are many achievements to earn throughout the game. Each time you complete an achievement, you’ll be rewarded! 

Tips to play Zombie Diary 2: Evolution
Recommend for you to have a chainsaw first and upgrade it until level 3, with this you can easily save coins to buy better guns, and you can also finish some missions by using only a chainsaw. Get the sword, upgrade it, get gun to support during bomb zombie missions when sword isn't enough, get skull commander, get the chainsaw, upgrade it.  When you get the chainsaw, you won't need a gun for a while. Health potions are your friends.

Requires Android: 2.2+
Download File: 25MB (Zombie Diary 2: Evolution APK)

Zombie Diary 2: Evolution APK

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