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Rival Knights

Gameloft over the years has made some amazing games, and now their bring new game Rival Knights to Android. This is one of the most intuitive, action-packed and visually stunning knight combat game on touch screens. The storyline is basically that you are a knight who wants a challenge and also wants to earn fame and glory, while also trying to give some money to the king who has to pay a huge debt to his kingdom. Joust like a King Knight! You have to sharpen your war skills with precision timing and aim. The game will bring you into battle ruthless foes and rival clans across 5 leagues to seize their castles and thrones. Embark on an adventure across the kingdom, become a champion and etch your name into history!

Great mechanics and gameplay perfect for your phone. Really fun right off the start has a nice setup with some fun multi-player with prizes that are possible to win because you are not put in a massive group of people, and the people you're up against are your level. These are troubled times for you and your people. Your kingdom is in debt, the king slain in war, no one has claimed the Champions' Thrones, and enemy clans are massing at the kingdom's borders. Embark on an epic quest and get ready to battle your way through intense solo and multiplayer challenges in this free new jousting game. Journey from castle to castle in search of adventure and action. Claim the Champions' Thrones with your friends. Become a legend of jousting, grab the tournament chest & save your kingdom from the hands of the awful Lord Cunnings. 

Rival Knights is incredibly fun game, great story mode and also great graphics overall. No annoying in app purchases, but it is available if you need it. It is very easy to control and get the hang of. And it does freemium very well too. The gameplay is very satisfying getting that a direct hit or that perfect speed start. Simple to play yet very compelling, the graphics, ragdoll physics and sound effects are amazing, you can almost feel every blow. Infinitely entertaining with a very engrossing UI, balanced and polished gameplay make this game an instant classic, you will forget you're playing on a mobile device.

Requires Android: 4.0+
Download File: 24MB (Rival Knights APK)

Rival Knights APK

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