Clean master 5.5.0 APK

Clean master

Clean master for Android updated to v5.5.0 with redesigned game boost to improve the user experience and added an option for more notification toggles to give you easy shortcut access. Clean master is the best utility to make your device faster and also get rid of junk data. Very helpful apps for old model androids phone with a lots of application and games. Game Booster that helps to play HD Graphics games easily. Reduce lags due to lack of memory. An ultimate app for mobile phones, with outstanding features like clearing RAM and boosting memory, stops lagging processes as well. It improves the device performance.

How Clean Master works? This app helps and will alerts you when your phone is lagging, is slow, needs to clean, how much storage you got left and even tells you what to clean and stuff. Everything you don't want on your phones is watched over by this app. You don't have to worry about storage space, battery draining too fast, viruses, etc. They tell you everything and they catch it. As soon as they do, they notify you. Gives you peace at mind. Protects your phone.

All in one solution for freeing ram, antivirus, protection, etc. This app is a must have if you care at all about your device. Clean master is a very light apps. But you can get the best perform for your android. The app is very useful and it will keep you aware of which apps are draining memory and slowing your device down. Keeps your phone running smoothly and lets you know when an app isn't safe. Clean Master also will keeps your phone in check, and always lets you know when apps are using too much battery amongst many other awesome features it has. Of course be careful on what files you clean. You will lose music pics and other stuff if you are not careful. Highly recommend to anyone with an Android. Download it today.

Requires Android: 2.1+
Download File: 9.4MB (Clean master APK)

Clean master APK

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