Angry Birds Epic 1.0.8 APK

Angry Birds Epic

Angry Birds Epic is one of the best turn based games for Android. A game that follows simple rpg rules such as units have 3 skills attack defense and super attack. Good take on the original angry birds series easy and creative controls. This game just took angry birds to the next level. With this new game you have more to do then just flinging your birds. Now you can take the Birds in a great quest to go get the Bad Pigs for all the eggs taken.

This one fun quest you will never want to stop playing. In the game you will explore a fantasy Piggy Island with everything from tribal villages and frosty mountains to tropical beaches and mysterious caves. Join Red, Chuck, Bomb and the other heroes as they face King Pig, Wiz Pig, Prince Porky and many more villains! Level up your characters, armor, weapons and potions to become a legendary hero ready to take on the mightiest pig warrior!

Rovio moves the Angry Birds into different types of games. Definitely different from other Angry Birds Games but none the less very fun. Rovio has made a dramatic change from a game that has an awesome franchise and shattered that appearance with an amazing RPG game that showed what Rovio is capable of. A great, addicting and fun game that takes a step away from crushing pigs to an adventure fighting them!

This is probably the most awesome rpg for android out there. Angry birds has gone a long way since the first game. Previously 'Angry birds Go!', now this. Just when you think that there is nothing left to do, the Rovio guys do this. It's plain and simple, at least in the beginning. Your first bird is the red one, a warrior and the second one is a powerful wizard, with a massive lightning attack. You progress via a huge map and complete the levels by taking turns with the pigs. If you like angry birds and role playing games then this is perfect for you!

Requires Android: 2.3.3+
Download File: 25.7MB (Angry Birds Epic APK)

Angry Birds Epic APK

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