Worldcraft 2 2.0 APK

Worldcraft 2

Worldcraft 2 is just like the pocket edition minecraft but this is so much better. This is the best minecraft copy ever. The game is easy to use and the multiplayer is brilliant. You should really get the game to play with friends. Start your survival game on the infinite randomly generated maps and build your own house and play online with friends.

This is one of the best crafting game you can play on your android phone or tablet. It is like a free minecraft pocket edition all they need to do is make it so you can drop items and this game is perfect. Start your own survival game on the infinite map. Find different resources, craft new items and build your own shelter to survive the nights.

Worldcraft 2 Features:
- Thousands of user created maps for creative Online Multiplayer mode
- Creative mode for Online Multiplayer or single player
- Survival mode for single player with infinite maps, crafting, building and mobs
- More than 20+ player skins available for Multiplayer gaming
- Centralized server that hosts all rooms and games globally
- Built-in chat in Multiplayer mode and more.

Requires Android: 2.3+
Download File: 17MB (Worldcraft 2 2.0 APK)

Worldcraft 2 APK

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