Terraria 1.1.92 APK


Terraria is awesome android game which you can make houses, get weapons and a lot of other things. If you love building house, forts, and sweet traps for zombies to die from this game is for you. In Terraria, every world is unique. With new updates always coming out it's a new game every time you start a new world.

As good as the PC version, the game offers pretty much almost everything the PC version does and responds just as good. This is can be your favorite indie games hands down. The best just needs a bit more fun like the expensive one but for free. Play Terraria with friends across any other mobile devices and adventure together or duel each other in player vs player combat. Let's play and adventure to the ends of the earth, and defeat villainous bosses along the way. The world is your canvas!

What's new in version 1.1.92:
- Unlock the new “pot of gold” crafting item
- Summon O'Fyffe, the Leprechaun pet
- Accumulate rainbows that drop from the sky to unlock new items.

Requires Android: 2.3+
Download File: 44MB (Terraria 1.1.92 APK)

Update File: Terraria APK 1.1.5822

Terraria APK

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