Smash Bandits Racing 1.08.04 APK

Smash Bandits Racing

Smash Bandits Racing is one of the best racing game with full adrenaline engine. This is an intense action racing game which pits your driving skills against felons desperate to outrun you in wild chases. An over the top and very fun endless runner-inspired follow up to Smash Cops that. The gameplay is a more thrilling, challenging and less repetitive experience than the original game, with the additional racing mode and challenges adding even more to the replayability.

The Helicopter will reminds you of Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2. The Smash Bandits race organisers don’t think that simply out-running the cops is a big enough problem, so they’ve put together over 100 challenges where you can test your driving skills to the limit. Make sure you’re always ahead of the game (and the cops) with cool car upgrades. Start with a puny compact and make it awesome with extra speed, handling and strength. And when you start earning big, you might just get your hands on the fastest road car on the planet, the stunning Hennessey Venom GT. Smash Bandits Racing is so much fun that you will not get bored, recommend it to anyone who loves a challenge.

Requires Android: 2.3+
Download File: 10.5MB (Smash Bandits Racing 1.08.04 APK)

Smash Bandits Racing APK

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