Slot and Dragons 777 1.1.1 APK

Slot and Dragons

Slot and Dragons is a Puzzle Quest kinda deal. Objects appear in lines at random, and it’s your job to make something of them in order to fight your enemies. Combat consists of running into groups of enemies who attack every couple turns. Collect, upgrade and evolve your cards as you fight for supremacy. Mix and match symbols on the slot machine to deal damage to your enemies and perform special skills.

A unique RPG card battle slot machine combat system, addicting and challenging gameplay! Your task is to mash the lever to spin the wheel; the icons that pop up (including attack, heal, gold, slow enemies, and lucky sevens) affect the creatures in your party and build towards their attacks and special abilities. So there’s a definite heavy element of randomness in the slot machine, but the game requires a lot of legitimate player input as well.

Slot and Dragons Game Features:
- Over 100+ missions to beat!
- Vivid cartoon graphics and cool SFX
- Invite friends to play with you through Facebook or through their User ID
- Features a wide array of characters
- Over 200+ cards to collect
- Upgrade your cards for a much stronger defense and offense
- Evolve your cards to get your card’s ultimate forms

Requires Android: 2.2+
Download File: 48MB (Slot and Dragons 777 1.1.1 APK)

Slot and Dragons apk

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