MX Player 1.7.26 APK

MX Player

MX Player is the best video player for Android. You can enjoying to play your video especially your music video with no hassle, use it everyday! This app is brilliant, it can play almost any video format and fully customisable. MX Player plays amazingly those videos which are not played on Mobile devices like laptop format but this player plays these videos smoothly. 

With hardware acceleration you can be applied to more videos with the help of new H/W decoder. When you play the movie you can zoom in and out with ease by pinching and swiping across screen. Another good thing is that it can play smoothy internet videos. This is by far the best video app ever. It's smooth and easy to use and you will love the zooming functions. MX player is the equivalent of VLC media player. What VLC is to pc, MX is to android. Must have app for everyone!

What's new in version 1.7.26:
- Fixed not loading video embedded .otf fonts.
- Added support for importing/exporting of settings and activity records.
- Can delete files from external storage(sdcard) on Android 4.4 KitKat.
- Fixed random crash on playing music/video in background.
- Fixed not selecting audio track on initial startup on some videos.

Requires Android: 2.1+
Download File: 8.8MB (MX Player 1.7.26 APK)

MX Player apk

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