Juice Cubes 1.17.05 APK

Juice Cubes

Juice Cubes is one of the best puzzle game for Android. The level structures are the same from Candy Crush, but the game mechanics and designs are completely new. A little hard at first but can't stop playing! Connect the cubes and create explosive fruit bombs in 215+ levels filled with pirates, mermaids and other crazy characters. It's better than candy crush and very addictive. Fun game, overall.

Candy crush is fun but only allows you to get so far before getting frustrated and giving up and either quit playing or forced to buy items to assist in accomplishing the level and then is not even a sure thing you will suceed the level. Juice cube is not like that it gives you actual clues by cubes jumping to accomplish the level but not too easy. There is a strategy to the game.

Connect multiple juice cubes to create spectacular fruit explosions and play more than 215 deliciously fruity levels filled with challenging puzzles. Pack your bags and go island hopping in a sunny tropical paradise and unlock exciting new islands and crazy characters. Meet pirates, mermaids, witches and other wacky characters. Juice Cubes also supports tablet devices, so you can connect the cubes on the big screen. Join the fun today!

Requires Android: 2.3.3+
Download file:  27MB (Juice Cubes 1.17.05 APK)

Juice Cubes apk

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