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God of Light

God of Light is a very simplistic, calming game that is perfect for mobile devices. This is an amazing and beautiful game with simple yet amusing puzzles. It's a fresh take on the classic "light and mirrors" game and it's beautifully orchestrated. Nice new stuff like fireflies and darkness add a neat twist and the crispy sharp graphics make it fun to spend time playing.

An advancement on the puzzle genre, and absolutely stunning to boot. You absolutely must play on high quality. Join cute game mascot, Shiny, on his way to saving the universe from the impending darkness. Play through a variety of exciting game worlds and dozens of levels with mind-blowing puzzles.

Very interesting game of light, crystals, and mirrors. Your goal is to explore game levels, seek for game objects that reflect, split, combine, paint, bend and teleport rays of light energy to activate the Sources of Life and bring light back to the universe. Plenty of interesting objects to interact with such as mirrors to reflect light, prisms to split beams, lenses to focus beams to burn through obstacles, gels to color beams to activate color-coded switches to open gates, and black holes to warp beam paths.

God of Light Game Features:
- Collect glowing creatures that help you solve puzzles. 
- Explore 3 different game worlds and 75 levels.
- Use mirrors, prisms, splitters, collectors, black holes and filters to control rays of light energy.
- Receive regular updates with new game worlds and levels to explore.
- Unlock and share your achievements with friends.

Requires Android: 2.3.3+
Download File: 50MB (God of Light 1.0 APK)

God of Light

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