2048 2.3 APK


2048 is one of the best puzzle games that you can play on your Android device, phone or tablet. This latest addictive gaming sensation is like Candy Crush for math geeks. You will never play any other game again. 2048 is challenging and you need strategy to beat it. This game is so much fun and addicting which will reminds you of triple town but with numbers instead.

Good game to play when you need to wait for a few minutes. Swiping and combining numbers really gets in your head and before you know you're combining numbers. Swipe (Up, Down, Left, Right) to move the tiles. When two tiles with the same number touch, they merge into one. When 2048 tile is created, the player wins! This game is so simple, yet it provides hours of fun. Minimal animations so it is very responsive without the lag of some other versions of this game. The app is not very resource-intensive, and the graphics are nice that you can play for a long time. 

What's new in version 2.3:
- Added animation
- Fixed endless bug & other performance improvements

Requires Android: 2.3+
Download File: 675KB (2048 2.3 APK)

2048 apk

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