Muzei Live Wallpaper 1.0 APK

Muzei is a live wallpaper that gently refreshes your home screen each day with famous works of art. This solves all your "must change your wallpaper" needs. It's elegant, it's simple, blends into the background and keeps your wallpaper fresh. Also has options to choose wallpapers from different sources. A win all around. Great visuals and extensions base will grow with time. Another app of this sort is 500 Firepaper, though not as good as this one. Muzei introduces a blur and dims the wallpaper so that the icon labels are still readable regardless of background color. Absolutely beautiful wallpapers with such a nice easy interface! Amazing app!

A living museum for your Android home screen. Muzei Live Wallpaper also recedes into the background, blurring and dimming artwork to keep your icons and widgets in the spotlight. Simply double touch the wallpaper or open the Muzei app to enjoy and explore the artwork in its full glory. Alternatively, you can choose your favorite photos from your own gallery or other apps to use on your home screen. To keep your wallpaper fresh, Muzei will rotate through your favorite photos every few hours.

Requires Android: 4.1+
Download File: 1.8MB (Muzei Live Wallpaper 1.0 APK)

Muzei Live Wallpaper download

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