Candy Swipe 2.0 FREE 2.22 APK

Candy Swipe

Candy Swipe is the best one! The realistic candy is delicious and you can connect any pieces touching! This game is pretty fantastic, simple and addictive. it was fun to play and it's great for entertainment while waiting on the bus or at any place. Loved by the whole family, both grown ups and kids! Better than Candy Crush Saga, this is a fun game and original.

How to play? It's easy, just Hold your finger down on a candy pieces, while holding down, swipe your finger across connecting pieces left, rigt, up, down, or even diagonally without lifting your finger or touching non-matcing candy pieces! The more pieces you connect in that swipe, the more your score multiplies and the more time added to the clock.

A new challenging addicting casual sweet game with a candy theme. Swipe as much candy as you can to remove candy pieces for points! Swipe your finger across matching candy pieces left/right, up/down, or diagonally for score and time. Candy so realistic you'll get sticky fingers. 10 Levels! Game time drops faster after each level. This is the game you should be playing. Sweet Addictive Original Candy Game!

Requires Android: 1.6+
Download File: 21MB (Candy Swipe 2.0 FREE 2.22 APK)

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