Resident Zombies 1.1.6 APK

Resident Zombies

The great game if you want a challenge. This game is interesting fun and very addicting. Best game with awasome zombie and creature shooting game. Boasting fast-paced bloody action, silky smooth controls and a signature pulpy grindhouse art style, Resident Zombies is a must-play for action fans. Zombies have invaded your homeland! Pick up your weapons, unleash your fury and shoot them to the ground!

Resident Zombies is a horizontal version bloody parkour/shooting game. Hordes of zombies walking around, destroy every living creature. The way you get passed is not only shooting and slashing your way through the zombies, but also watching the steps carefully, as well as choosing the most efficient upgrade route from massive skills.

Resident Zombies Features:
- Brutal Boss Battles
- Violent Graphic Novel Art Style
- Extraordinary Control Feedback
- Various Weapon and Skill System
- Story Mode and Endless Mode

Requires Android: 2.3.3+
Download file: 16MB (Resident Zombies 1.1.6 APK)

Resident Zombies Game

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