One Button Sports 1.0.0 APK

One Button Sports

One Button Sports is the simplest controls possible in a game. The Powerful Button for play sport game on your Android, each sport can be played in single player and two player modes. You can play either tennis or turbo skiing, which is more or less jet ski racing. The button swings the racket when playing tennis and accelerates in the races, but the game does everything else for you. 5 Divisions, 10 Opponents, 8 Athletes, 2 Tournaments.  
Tap, press, push or hold… Whichever you choose, you’re in control! Embrace the button! Grab perks and “enhance” your athletes!

One Button Sports Game Features:
- Smash and Splash with Tennis and Turbo Skiing
- Power Up! - Train a team of 8! 
- Climb the Ranks! - Rise through divisions and tournaments! 
- Couch Mode! - Destroy friendships in side-by-side multiplayer!

Requires Android: 2.3+
Download File: 47MB (One Button Sports 1.0.0 APK)

One Button Sports APK

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