Mushboom APK


Mushboom is a fun arcade game that you  can't stop to play because it's very fun and addicting. Nice concept from MobileCraft, easy gameplay with a bunch of different levels. It makes you play all day long. Start each day in a randomized world, find your way through enemies and obstacles, collect enough mushrooms and run till you wake up.

Fun gameplay in an interactive world with many challenges. Unique art style with lots of items, tools, characters and more. 100+ missions to accomplish through your journey through different themes. Let's play and guide Fukko from a boring city life to his wildest dreams! Mushboom is a mixture of classic platformer and endless runner genres. Survive the city, eat mushrooms, fill him up and enter his dream world.

Requires Android: 2.0.1+
Download file: 26MB (Mushboom APK)

Mushboom APK

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