Bass Volume Booster 1.3 APK

bass volume booster

How can you increase or boost your Android volume above the maximum allowed? Bass volume booster your sound volumes will now be as loud as possible so go ahead and give your phone a new sound performance rating. Make it your Android sounds like never before.

With Bass volume booster you will hear your caller better, you will listen to music at maximum volume. Makes the music really loud, The app not increase the volume over their maximum limits to ensure that no damage will occur to the speakers.

How to use Bass Volume Booster:
- open the bass volume booster, press the power button and wait for optimizations and then you can minimize the bass volume booster to have the maximum volume enabled.
- if the bass volume booster is closed, the volumes will be restored to their previous values.
Of course you can adjust the volumes with the phone’s hardware volume keys or via menu or other applications, so no worries there.
Just as a tip for you, some phones don’t even have volume settings for all sound streams.

For example, with bass volume booster we will increase the volume for all seven of your phone’s sound streams:
- Ring Sound Volume (this is the ring sound)
- Alarm Sound Volume (this is the alarm sound)
- DTMF Sound Volume (this is the sound your keypad makes dialling)
- Music Sound Volume (this is the music volume)
- Notifications Sound Volume (the notifications include SMS sounds, Email sounds, etc.)
- System Sound Volume (other system sounds like low battery, etc.)
- Voice Call Sound Volume (the voice volume for you call partner)

Requires Android: 2.2+
Download file: 1.4MB (Bass Volume Booster 1.3 APK)

Bass Volume Booster APK

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