Call Answer 1.1 APK

Call Answer

This is an updated version with more bells and whistles. It's really a nice workable app! Your cell phone will auto answer your incoming call even if you are using another application or if your phone is locked or blocked with screen unlock pattern. Download app and answer calls automatically when you are with your hands busy.

You don't need to touch on your smartphone to answer a call. This app allows auto answer the phone and put it on loud-speaker or send call to earphone. You can also activate and deactivate the car mode using auto answer widget.

Configuration options:
- Contact white list (Only answer for selected contacts)
- Configure if speaker will be activated
- Option to speak the caller name or caller phone number
- Configure auto answer delay
- Auto activate service when plug earphone

Please attention: This app works only on first SIM card for phones with more than one chip.
You don’t need occupy your hands to answer a call. Now you have your hands free to: cooking, washing your hands, taking a bath, caring your Child's or do anything that you need and also talk in your smartphone. This android app provides a widget to activate and deactivate (main screen of your android operational system) the incoming call response service by easy and fast mode.

Requires Android: 2.1+
Download file: 1MB (Call Answer v1.1 APK)

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