Onet Connect Game v1.5 APK

Onet Connect Game
What is the best game on Google Play? the answer is Onet Connect Game! This is top 50 worldwide and best connect game. Just simple puzzle game for android but you will addict to this game. Let's try and win the games.

Your goal is to connect identical cards within 3 lines to get rid of these cards
Onet has 5 different image packs for you to play with: Animals, Kute , Christmas, Flags, Food and Holidays.
Show your friends that you are smart and that you can connect cards quickly.
Many games to solve...
Do you like connect games? Then you will love Onet Connect Game!
Awesome graphics and difficult puzzles! This will be a difficult adventure and a strain on your nerves!
It's time to prove who is the smartest in town!
One of the most addictive and definitely the scariest game on Google Play! You will love it!
Download the FREE game now and remember, time to prove that you are good at it!

Onet Connect Game features:
- 3 different playing modes
-Classic mode: play again the time and try to get as high score as possible.
- Endless mode: play with levels and the target is to get as high score as possible
- Puzzle mode: play and collect score for each levels.
- Quick to learn, with hours of fun challenges
- Easy and fun to play, but a challenge to fully master

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Onet Connect Game for android

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Download file: 6MB (Onet Connect Game v1.5 APK)

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