Clash of Kings 1.0.97 APK Download

Elex Wireless has announced the release of a new update for Clash of Kings. The new update that will see the game getting a new Alliance Building: Alliance Turret, new Building: House of brotherhood and start Lavender Event to play on your mobile device. As always, we have the latest APK file for you to download directly and install it on your Android phone and tablet.

Clash of Kings is a freemium strategy game for phone and tablet that lets you battle to build an empire and control 7 fantasy kingdoms. In these battle games, you have to build massive empires and clash with enemies. Build armies, research goods, attack enemies, and gather resources then against friends and enemies from all over the world to become the most powerful player. If you like PVP games or multiplayers, you’ll love this base building, fighting army game where you must conquer kingdoms to survive!

Clash of Kings 1.0.97 APK Download

Below are the details of the features in the new update for Clash of Kings 1.0.97:
New Alliance Building: Alliance Turret
-The Alliance Turret can be built within Alliance Territory
-When alliance members within alliance territory are being attacked, Alliance Turret will attack the enemies within range
New Building: House of brotherhood
-Invitation function can be used in the building
Lavender Event begins
Other Optimization
-Added Equipment Power, you can view it from the lord details interface

How many of you play the game routinely? All of this and more is available now for download on the market. For Android, you can grab the latest version from the Google Play Store. So, it’s a good idea to have a look and see if yours is ready. And check via the link at the bottom of the post to download directly Clash of Kings 1.0.97 APK.

Have you just downloaded? What do you think of this newly released update and do you like the changes Elex Wireless has made to its mobile strategy game with new Alliance Building and Lavender Event?

Clash of Kings 1.0.97 APK

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