VSCO Cam 3.2 APK

VSCO Cam has just received an update to version 3.2, bringing with it Copy + Paste batch photo editing feature that makes your life easier by making it seamless to edit photos in batches. The new VSCO cam also comes with a new ability to import tiff image files and fixed various issues. You can download the latest version from the Play Store.


VSCO Cam is by far one of the best apps on the Google play store that feels like an actual real photographic tool. This is the natural style of an app for mobile with the smartest filters and features for those enthusiastic phone photographers, good for editing film photography as well. Instead of providing weird ways to mangle your photos, VSCO helps you make them prefects, even understanding the foibles of different phones' mediocre cameras. That is awesome when you had the best captured photos moments you can share your vibes with this cool thing.

Contains lots of additional effects that can be added to a picture. Ideal for mobile photographers, especially for those who want complete control of their pictures. If you can't grab the new version on the Google Play Store, you can download VSCO Cam APK version 3.2 below.

What do you think of this newly released update and do you like the changes VSCO has made Copy + Paste feature?

Download APK
Requires Android: 4.0+
File: 20MB (VSCO Cam APK)


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