Godus 0.0.15 APK

DeNA Corp has launched a new simulation game called Godus, which it the gameplay make you feel like a god. After first being released on the PC and iOS devices, this game has finally arrived for Android on the Google Play Store. And as usual, for you who can't grab it from the Play Store, we have Godus APK File that you can download directly and install it on your Android phone or tablet.


Godus is a great game of discovery and development that lets you shape and mold the physical world of a fictional kingdom. It's literally one of the most well made games ever made for PC, iOS and Android. If you like building a community and sculpting something amazing, this is your game hands down.

Such a unique and fun game. Unlike some building games, when you create structures you can see how the building is made or how the land is altered. In this game, you're a god and you lead your people to create a civilization. Godus plays like all of the best aspects of Populous with a gorgeous new look and feel. This game is more like civilization than the Sims. So if you want to build a society without having to micro-manage everyone's life this is a game for you.

This game offers a new type of play on android which hasn't been seen in a while, which is great. It does unfortunately getup once in a while, but you can easily load the game again and not lose any progress. The Android version is the same with PC version, it's very addictive and a great game to play the whole day. Be warned that you will find yourself playing this game in your pj's the whole day and not wanting to do anything else.

This game is amazing and will keep anyone entertained for hours. It has intuitive control methods and a solid long play experience. As with all games of this type, there is the long waiting game or in game purchase to pull activities forward.

Godus is available for free-to-play, and there are optional IAPs for faster progression. Just a great God simulator all around. It's not too simple, nor too in-depth.

Requires Android: 4.0.3+
Download File: 48.9MB (Godus APK)

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