Twitter 5.32.0 APK

Twitter for Android has been updated with several improvements and bug fixes. This app is now better with fixed problem missing tweets and extremely slow load times. The old version takes some time to check the notification even at 4 bars of WiFi. The new one takes less than 1 minute.


Twitter is one of the best apps you can install on your device. Its allow you to say about anything and have conversations with just about anyone. You can share your tweets with 140-characters, and of course see others tweets too. Tweet timeline is perfect for reading tweets, which you can find out what your friends are crying about and why their lives are so difficult one tweet at a time.

The finest social media are available for information globally and communication with friends, its a fantastic tool and networking platform. This app gets better as the years and iterations roll by. Unlike many big social media sites, this stock app is by far the best app on the market.

The app itself loads very quickly and very easy-to-use that lets you talk to your friends all the time. It also keeps you up to date with news and stuff. Head into Google Play to download the latest version or pick .apk file here so you transfer and install it easily on your tablet or mobile device.

Requires Android: 2.3+
Download file: 14.4MB (Twitter APK)

Twitter APK

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