NinJump Dash 1.0 APK

A new multiplayer racing game called NinJump Dash has popped into the Google Play and App Store. It comes from the creators of NinJump, and has a similar characters from original NinJump game.

NinJump Dash

Developed by Backflip Studios, NinJump Dash is the newest installment racing game in the popular Ninjump franchise, which includes titles like the original Ninjump and Ninjump Rooftops. The game is focus is on multiplayer gameplay, as you can compete against your friends and strangers alike in four-person multiplayer races.

In NinJump Dash, you'll race against three real people, including your Facebook friends and random opponents. You have to running across rooftops, jump over obstacles to overtake your opponents and collecting power-ups against three other players in real time.

It's fun to play with your friends and the action is in real-time, so the outcome of each race will depend on your focus and reactions. Shoot rockets, portals and throwing stars at players ahead of you to knock them back, along with drop punch boxes to slow competitors behind you.

Here are some of the features of this game:
- Taunt other players
- Join a league
- Race real people
- Compete in real-time
- See Facebook friends
- Grab awesome powerups
- Customize your costume
- Jump, then double jump!
- Climb the leaderboards

Want to try it out? Grab some friends and download NinJump Dash for free on the Google Play or pick .apk file below so you can transfer and install it easily on your Android phone or tablet.

Requires Android: 4.0+
Download File: 34MB (NinJump Dash APK)

NinJump Dash APK

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