Netflix 3.8.0 APK

Netflix, Inc. has released an update for the official Android app with version 3.8.0. The update is now live on Google Play and it has some considerable improvements over the previous edition. The latest version adds Profile Management, Grid-Based search results and a quick resume notification.

Netflix is the best app to watch HD content, you can watch your shows and movies everywhere you want, and anytime you want. Better than going to the movies, the amount of movies and tv series you find here with good image and sound quality are awesome. The best investment someone so loves films can do!

This Netflix mobile application is easy to use anywhere, you can watch on various devices and the selections are endless. It's great for watching your favorite shows or movies without even leaving your chair. Plus you can connect it to Chrome cast if you have it set up to your TV.

As the world’s leading subscription service for watching TV, Netflix has a good price point. Like the auto replay feature that kicks in where you left off if you need to quit a movie or show for any reason. It's the getaway from the cable monster safehouse, when basic cable is showing nothing but crap, and your family watching less and less programming and the bill steadily going up.

Each update just makes the app better. This is why Netflix will remain a successful company. They provide a great service, and they continue to improve by keeping the app up to date, making it work with all of the available streaming device options, and updating content as they can.

Requires Android: 4.0+
Download File: 12MB (Netflix APK)

Netflix APK

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