Chick Can Fly 1.1.0 APK

First Flappy Bird came flocking onto your smartphone. Then Swing Copters came to sweeten your day. And now, watch out for Chick Can Fly: It's just as fun and addicting as those other addicting games, but the thing is, it's really freakin' hard.

Chick Can Fly

Chick Can Fly is a new dark souls of casual mobile games released for Google Play and App Store on September, 2014. It was developed by HU WEN ZENG, a game developer best known for Don't Tap the White Tile.

The game is like flappy bird, but this time it's a chicken. It makes sense when you start, but the game stands there waiting for you to click either side of the screen. Yes, this is a lot like flappy birds but it has a different concept. It's challenging, and harder that the original Flappy Bird, but really fun and addicting.

In Chick Can Fly, your goal is fly as high as you can, avoiding the obstacle. Just like Flappy Bird, the idea is simple: tap the screen to keep your Chick in flight, avoiding sets of the green pipes. Each pair of the green pipes you fly through earns you one point. The gameplay will make you want to smash your phone. Many users never see double digits.

Chick Can Fly Game Features:
- Optimised for different resolutions screen
- Retro style graphics
- Simple and Addictive
- Social network sharing
- Leaderboard support
- Smooth gameplay

Requires Android: 2.3+
Download File: 4.7MB (Chick Can Fly APK)

Chick Can Fly APK

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