Photo Grid Collage Maker 4.723 APK

Photo Grid Collage Maker

Photo Grid Collage Maker app update with removed watermark of video slides from works you created. This is the best collage app on the market that helps you to edit your pics in any way you want. Really easy to use for the first time collage maker, with easy to navigate steps and great results. Many options that are easy to use and be playful with. It allows you to choose from different categories of what you want to do with your picture.

This app not only does it provide you with photo collages, but video slide shows like Vidstitch Video Collage that plays your music and etc. The new video creating feature is more powerful than Flipagram. It also comes with many decorations for does who love decorating their pic. If you like photography Photo Grid Collage Maker is for you.

More than 50 million and counting worldwide downloads of the app are enough to tell you about the popularity of this useful app. You can use your app every day to promote your business and update social networks with cool images using Photo Grid templates. A great way to put the things and people you love together and share.

You can edit and put design on your photo. Perfect for instagram. There are so many cute backgrounds and not only is it a good app for making collages for instagram, but it even works for facebook covers! The backgrounds are fun and the borders and frames adjustable. You can play with colors, add stickers, and perfect for organizing your pictures or just having fun with them. Easy to use has loads of fun clip arts, frames, editing tools and lots of other cool effects and stuff, couldn't get a better picture album app! Highly recommended. Especially for those that hate cropping their photos to post on instagram!

Requires Android: 2.1+
Download File: 19.7MB (Photo Grid - Collage Maker 4.723 APK)
Update File: Photo Grid-Collage Maker 4.784 APK

Photo Grid Collage Maker app

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