Evernote 5.8.5 APK


Evernote Corporation updates Evernote android apps with new Text highlighter and better support for notes made on other platforms. You can now sync your notes to all of your devices and not worry on losing important details that you took down. This app grows on you. The more you use, the more you discover. It then becomes a part of you. A must have for anyone looking to improve your personal efficiency.

Like Super Notes (Notepad) Evernote is a great service and the app is a beautiful and easy to use implementation. This app was good two years ago, and it continues to get better and better with each update. A truly the best app for any form of productivity. Recent, upgrades have made what once was a good app, into an app worthy of purchase. You can use Evernote all day every day for both personal and work related purposes. If you like living life fast and organized, this is the way to go.

Evernote now has several Android devices, all with Evernote, which has become a mainstay for information management. This app will helps you remember everything across all of the devices you use. Stay organized, save your ideas and improve productivity. Fully comprehensive note app with cross platform synchronisation, perfect for what you want, and it keeps getting better. Recommend it to students, co-workers, family, random strangers!

Request Android: 2.2+
Download File: 19MB (Evernote APK)

Evernote APK

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