Lost Yeti 1.0.1 APK

Lost Yeti

Lost Yeti is a mobile puzzle game adventure where you slide ice cubes to create a path for the Yeti and complete the level. Cute and charming puzzle game for Android. A little too simple, gets old fast. Controls are responsive, a little too sensative at times. You play a young yeti who has wondered off in search of tasty treats. Collect bonus items and be sure to avoid dangerous enemies and traps spread all over the levels.

This game is now available for Android and iPhone. It's very simple and challenging, easy yet challenges you the further you go and the game doesn't ask you for money. Let's play and taxes your ability to visualize the combination of possible moves that combine to solve puzzle.

Lost Yeti Game Features:
- 8-bit music 
- 3 worlds to explore 
- Original enemies and puzzles
- 60 levels

Requires Android: 2.2+
Download File: 13MB (Lost Yeti 1.0.1 APK)

Lost Yeti APK

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