Basketball Kings 1.24 APK

Basketball Kings

If you already tried many basketball games, Basketball Kings is the game you don't want to miss. Download it and have fun. I commented not because for the multi player, but to spread how this Game is fun. You feel like you really shoot the Ball. It really makes you think about what angle you are throwing the ball. Well it is a little bit like real basketball but it could use like a daily spin to win coins or mp or something because it takes to long to get coins playing. Basketball Kings is Nice fun ball game to play for few minutes in between travel,work etc.

This game is probably the best basketball. Choose from 5 unique characters and refine your skills in 6 different game modes, unlock achievements and win trophies. Challenge your friends, show off your skills & style. For a real challenge, enter multi-player rooms and compete against thousands of real people from all around the world. Let's play and  figure out how to get your energy back!

Requires Android: 2.0.1+
Download File: 20MB (Basketball Kings 1.24 APK)

Basketball Kings apk

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